TaskSurfer Beta Is On Deck

If “almost ready for beta” were a milestone, Task Surfer would be there. In just a week or two, the beta will roll out which means release is not far behind. If you’re interested, fill out the beta application. I’ve got room for about fifty, as that’s all that can be reasonably managed and still provide quality support. If a ton of applications come in, the beta may expand, so hang tight if you don’t hear back the first time around.

Toodledo synching is looking solid. Some UI tweaks still need to be done. Overall all of the functionality is mostly, if not completely, working. I use it every day without losing my data, eating my hard drive, or making smoke come out of the back of the Macbook Pro. Between Task Surfer, Toodledo, Pocket Informant on the iPhone, and Appigo ToDo on the iPad, I can get to my tasks anywhere I’m at and they all stay in sync.

Check out the Task Surfer page, fill out the beta application, and get ready to manage your tasks in a whole new way.