23 May 2010

TaskSurfer Development

Just what the world needs, right? Another task manager/todo list added to the burgeoning list of products already on the market. Especially for Mac OS, there some exceptional products. It would seem, however, that one thing lacking is a good sync story. That’s where Task Surfer comes in. Using Toodledo as the “cloud” storage, Task Surfer will let you use a native Mac OS X client when you’re in front of your Mac, and the Toodledo web client when you’re not. Hey, some of us have to work on Windows machines sometimes and it’s nice to have access to our task list. On the other hand, when your Mac is available, it’s nice to have offline access, drag-and-drop, and other niceties of a native app.

In addition to all the usual goodness Mac users are used to, Task Surfer uses the new Location Services in Snow Leopard. Pop open your Macbook at home, and it shows you all the tasks you said you’ll work on at home. Go to work, all of your work tasks are bucketed for you. Other features that GTD aficionados are used to, such as folders/projects, contexts, and tags, are all in there.

Of course iPhone and iPad companion apps are being worked on, to be released after Task Surfer hits the streets. But that doesn’t mean a long wait for an app to get your tasks onto your mobile device. There are apps on the iPhone/iPad App Store right now that sync with Toodledo, You’re not locked into a iPhone/iPad app choice to go with your desktop app. Choose the one you like best, sync Task Surfer on the desktop, sync your mobile device and everything matches. Of course, I think you’ll like our version best when it comes out.

So when is Task Surfer being released? Right now there’s no firm date, but if I had to guess it would be within the next two months. Right now it is feature-ocmplete (meaning all of the intended features are working) and is used everyday. What’s left are niggling things like some UI work, and bug fixes as they’re found. Pricing is going to be in the US$20-25 range.