About Frosty Dogs
Situated in the heart of Microsoft country in Redmond, WA, Frosty Dogs was founded in 2009 by Mike Stewart. After selling a successful software company, an eight year stint at Microsoft, and managing teams at two startup software companies, Mike has come full circle to start another venture based on the lovely Mac OS X operating system and the successful Apple iPhone platform.

Started in March 2009, Frosty Dogs has a mission to create something beyond "throw away" software profiting on the latest craze, and create commercial and enterprise applications that provide users with productivity gains and the occasional bit of fun.

Frosty Dogs can get your ideas for Mac OS or your mobile enterprise application up, running, and into the hands of your users and customers.  Send a message via the Contact page to find out how your ideas can be turned into productivity on your Macs or mobile devices.

Two Dogs Software, LLC d.b.a. Frosty Dogs
Redmond, WA

Twitter: @twodogssoftware
Facebook: Two Dogs Software, LLC

The Frosty Dogs refund policy for Mac applications is simple, but it’s not “no questions asked”. You can request a refund at any time, for any reason, but you have to answer a question: what didn’t you like about the product? When requesting your refund, simply include how you think the product can be improved, and your refund will be on its way.

For iPhone and iPad applications, and Mac apps purchased on the Mac App Store the iTunes App Store does not provide a mechanism for Frosty Dogs to issue refunds. For that reason, all iPhone and iPad application sales are final. Bah, that’s no excuse. Send a PayPal address using the contact page, and what you didn’t like about the app, and a refund will be on its way shortly.

Frosty Dogs takes your privacy seriously. We mean it. No weasel words, no legalese, just five simple bullet points:
  • Frosty Dogs will never sell or distribute your personal information to a third party, except as necessary for billing purposes or to provide a product or service. That typically means credit card and address, and Frosty Dogs doesn’t even see that, FastSpring.com does.
  • Frosty Dogs will never e-mail you unless you've said that we’re permitted to do so. If you ever wish to be removed from a mailing list, just send an email and your address will be immediately removed.
  • Frosty Dogs will never keep your credit card details. See the first bullet: Frosty Dogs currently has no way of knowing what your credit card details are.
  • Frosty Dogs does retain some information so that lost serial numbers can be resent, and to provide other services in the future. That means email address, order numbers, name and address. Frosty Dogs takes reasonable precautions to protect that information.
  • Frosty Dogs uses credentials to third-party sites only to log on to that site (for instance, TaskSurfer’s Toodledo synchronization). Those credentials are stored only on your machine, sent over SSL when possible, and are never sent to Frosty Dogs.

Who are the Frosty Dogs?
Frosty Dogs’ namesakes are Petey and Ursa, the American Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier who guard the Frosty Dogs fortress. After a cold December walk that their short-haired little bodies didn’t seem to like much, so came the name; and the domain name was available. They don’t have an ownership stake in the company, but they don’t seem to mind as long as the dog food keeps flowing.