Gym Fanatic is the app for people who aren't afraid to spend time at the gym.  From hard core weightlifting to cardio work, even time in the yoga studio, Gym Fanatic tracks all of it for you.  

If you're the type that likes to have the workout written out beforehand, Gym Fanatic is built for you.  Create a workout from a list of exercise templates, modify it to taste, and hit the gym.

Exercise timers are included, of course, and they just work.  No need to play music, change phone settings, or other fiddling just to get the timers to track time.  Take a phone call, use other applications, and the timers will be ticking away when you come back to Gym Fanatic.

If making it up as you go along is more your thing, Gym Fanatic can handle that, too.  When you're finished, keep the workout logs on your phone, or upload them to your desktop computer using your wireless network.

Features include:
Gym Fanatic v1.02 (iPhone OS 3.0-compatible)
pre-loaded exercise templates for workouts, or create your own.
  • track exercise time and recovery time even if you receive a phone call, switch to another application, or if the phone powers itself off.
  •   No messy cutting and pasting from emails.
    Wireless network upload of logs.
  • to your desktop computer using your web browser.  Your data is always safe in the event that your phone is lost or damaged.
    Backup your data
  • for easy reference, using the included categories or your own.
    Categorization of your exercises
  • for your exercises for easy visual reference.
  • on using the program are included to get you started.
    Tutorial videos
  • Take a look at Gym Fanatic in our tutorial videos at
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    Download the Gym Fanatic Log Worksheet here (for use with exported log files).